[issue:138] Re: CTAN Upload: platex

Erik Braun erik @ ctan.org
2017年 12月 17日 (日) 17:23:39 JST

Hello Hironobu Yamashita,

Thanks for this upload:

> Package:        platex	[found]
> Version:        2017-12-17
> Version number: 	[was: ]
> Version date:   2017-12-17	[was: 2017-12-06]
> Author:         Japanese TeX Development Community	[auth:texjp <issue@texjp.org>]
> Uploader:       Hironobu Yamashita <issue @ texjp.org>]
> Location:       /language/japanese/platex	[was: /language/japanese/platex found]
> License:        bsd3	[was: ]

I've installed the new version and updated the catalogue repository.

The changes should become available on the mirrors within the next 24
hours. Then I will post this announcement:

> Announcement:
> * Fix a bug in ascmac package.

Kind regards
Erik Braun

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