[issue:29] Re: CTAN Upload: ptex-fontmaps

Petra Ruebe-Pugliese petra @ ctan.org
2017年 1月 14日 (土) 19:10:50 JST

Hi Norbert,

thanks for this upload, and just a few questions/suggestions
to get it right from the start:

On Saturday 14 January 2017 at 06:38:58 +0100  CTAN Portal Service (no-reply @ ctan.org) wrote:
> Package:        ptex-fontmaps
> Version:        20170114.0
> Author:         Japanese TeX Development Community	[auth:texjp <issue @ texjp.org>]
> Uploader:       Norbert Preining <norbert @ preining.info>
> Location:       language/japanese/ptex-fontmaps
                  See below
> License:        other-free
                  We can now put in "pd" _and_ "gpl3".
                  Would that be okay?
> Type:           new
> Description:
> Font maps and configuration tools for Japanese/Chinese/Korean fonts with (u)ptex
> Announcement:
> The package 'jfontmaps' has been superseeded by this new package 'ptex-fontsmaps' and now provides font maps and setup tools for Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.
    s/and now provides/which now provides/  ?
> Since the last release of jfontmaps several new font families have been added.
> Note:
> Dear CTAN Team,
> I am not sure where this package should be put. I has to be
> used with the "Japanese" TeX engines ptex or uptex, but can
> (and is) nowadays also used for other CJK languages.

 I found ctan:/fonts/zhmetrics-uptex/ which seems (to me) to
 be something similar.

 So what about   /fonts/ptex-fontmaps/ ?
> It also superseeds "jfontmaps", so I guess best is deleting
> (?) or moving to obsolete of the old package.

 As we rarely ever completely delete stuff, we will shove it
 to /obsolete/.
> This new package should also have 
>   Japanese TeX Development Community <issue @ texjp.org>
> as Author/Maintainer, and I am one of the uploaders.

 Supposing that you are yourself a member of that community
 and its issue @ texjp.org mailing list, no separate upload
 permission for you will be needed: Just submit giving
 "issue @ texjp.org" as the email address.

 Please tell me what you think of these suggestions, and
 then I will go ahead with the installation.
    Best wishes

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