[issue:33] Re: CTAN Upload: ptex-fontmaps

Norbert Preining norbert @ preining.info
2017年 1月 14日 (土) 23:13:02 JST

Dear Petra,

thanks for coming back between all your stress!

> > License:        other-free
>                   We can now put in "pd" _and_ "gpl3".
>                   Would that be okay?

Yes, that is perfect.

> > The package 'jfontmaps' has been superseeded by this new package 'ptex-fontsmaps' and now provides font maps and setup tools for Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.
>     s/and now provides/which now provides/  ?

Yes, indeed, sorry --- writing an announcement while a baby is
crying for attention is not the easiest thing ;-)

>  I found ctan:/fonts/zhmetrics-uptex/ which seems (to me) to
>  be something similar.

See other answer by Hironobu.

>  So what about   /fonts/ptex-fontmaps/ ?

Sounds good.

>  As we rarely ever completely delete stuff, we will shove it
>  to /obsolete/.

That is what I thought, thanks!

>  Supposing that you are yourself a member of that community
>  and its issue @ texjp.org mailing list, no separate upload

Yes, I am a member (and member of the board of it ;-)

>  permission for you will be needed: Just submit giving
>  "issue @ texjp.org" as the email address.

Ok, should I re-upload or is it fine as is?

Thanks a lot for all your work and all the best


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