[issue:231] Re: Adding dviout-util to TeX Live

Hironobu Yamashita h.y.acetaminophen @ gmail.com
2018年 10月 2日 (火) 23:19:17 JST

Hi Karl,

2018-09-30 07:45 Karl Berry <karl @ freefriends.org>:
>     I'd like to propose adding "dviout-util" to TeX Live.
> Thanks for suggesting it. Sounds fine to me.


>     https://github.com/texjporg/tex-jp-build/tree/dviout-util/source/texk/dviout-util
> The stuff about the "svn repository" in tug.org (in COPYING, where it
> doesn't belong anyway) is presumably not correct for dviout-util. (You
> have the correct info in the README, which is where it belongs.)

OK, I adjusted COPYING. I also added a little more detailed
information to README.

> Also, is the dviout svn repository on tug.org still the active one, or
> has it moved? Just wondering. I see the last commit there was a year
> ago. Also, the dviout.exe binary in TL dates from 2016, so it seems
> stale ... ?

I guess the current dviout binary is up-to-date enough, as its sources
are unchanged. Those I've changed are some accompanying tiny
utilities, which are not so essential for the main program dviout.exe as
a DVI previewer. So, there should be no need for building/uploading
the whole package.

That said, of course, dviout-util is a subset of the dviout package,
so I will keep sync the dviout svn with dviout-util.
I may rebuild/update the whole package when it is really needed.

I will commit to TeX Live svn after a few more tests.

Best regards,

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