[issue:292] Re: CTAN Upload: uplatex

Petra Ruebe-Pugliese petra @ ctan.org
2019年 5月 23日 (木) 00:14:07 JST

Hello Japanese TeX Development Community,

Thanks for this upload:

On Wed 22 May 2019 at 14:53:42 +0200  CTAN Portal Service <no-reply @ ctan.org> wrote:

> Package:        uplatex
> Type:           announce
> Version:        2019-05-22
> Uploader:       Japanese TeX Development Community <issue @ texjp.org>
> Announcement:
> * Update ukinsoku.tex: Add setting of kcatcode for block
>   "Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms" to work around for bug in upTeX 1.24.

There is a little problem as our checker complains about
00old/README_uplatex.txt, which is not contained in

(As a rule, the contents of the unpacked uplatex/ directory and
uplatex.tds.zip should be absolutely identical, except for the
directory structure, and "generated" files missing from uplatex/.)

So what shall we do?  I see three possibilities:

(a) You re-upload with uplatex.tds.zip containing

(b) I delete uplatex/00old/ and the file within it.

(c) You explain to us why it is imperative that the
    arrangement remain "as is" and we make a note of
    this "exception".

Frankly, (a) seems to me the cleanest and easiest solution.

       Kind regards,
    Petra Rübe-Pugliese
     for the CTAN team

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