[issue:444] packages working with (e)(u)ptex only?

Hironobu Yamashita h.y.acetaminophen @ gmail.com
2022年 7月 31日 (日) 11:59:31 JST


CTAN / Karl さんから,数日前に転送メール(1)が来て

* CTAN を訪れる日本語エンジン利用者の便宜を図るため,
  macros/xetex や macros/luatex を真似て macros/jptex を作って
  そこに (u)ptex 専用パッケージを一元化してはどうか
* 仮にその場合,現在 macros/latex/contrib や language/japanese に

個人的には CTAN でパッケージを探すときは
全てが TeX Live に収録された今敢えて CTAN には滅多に行きませんが,
CTAN に新規登録するパッケージをどこに入れるか迷うのを軽減すべく

  [B] 日本語と無関係なもの
  [J] 日本語文書作成に必要な汎用機能やローレベルな修正パッチ
  [JA] 日本語のそれ以外(日本語訳,祝日,漢文)
  [G] エンジン不問または下記以外
  [P] (u)pTeX 専用か LuaTeX-ja を必要とするもの
  [X] XeTeX 専用

これに関連して language/japanese に「ZR パッケージ命名規則」
(bx, px, zx が何なのか)を表示してもらいました。


山下 弘展 (Hironobu Yamashita)
e-mail: h.y.acetaminophen @ gmail.com

---------- Forwarded message (1) ---------
From: Karl Berry <karl @ freefriends.org>
Date: 2022年7月19日(火) 5:39
Subject: packages working with (e)(u)ptex only?
To: <h.y.acetaminophen @ gmail.com>, <h_kitagawa2001 @ yahoo.co.jp>,
<ttk @ t-lab.opal.ne.jp>
Cc: <ctan @ ctan.org>

Hi - CTAN and I have been discussing the idea of making a new
subdirectory CTAN:macros/jptex for packages that work with the
"Japanese" engines only, or at least primarily. By analogy with
macros/luatex, macros/xetex, etc. There would be further subdirectories
latex/ and generic/ (and anything else needed) for packages that work
with those formats.

Our idea was that this would make it easier for people using the
Japanese engines to find relevant packages. Also, just seems to make
sense since all the other engines have their own subdirs for
engine-specific packages.

What do you think?

If we go forward, a number of packages from macros/latex/contrib seem
like they could be moved:

And maybe these from CTAN:language/japanese (leaving base and font
packages there):

Some of the above work under luatex(-ja) as well, but it felt like
it would be better for users to consolidate them. Certainly could go
either way.

Maybe you can think of other packages that would make sense to move?


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From: Hironobu Yamashita <h.y.acetaminophen @ gmail.com>
Date: 2022年7月31日(日) 11:27
Subject: Re: packages working with (e)(u)ptex only?
To: Petra Rübe-Pugliese <petra @ ctan.org>
Cc: <ctan @ ctan.org>, Karl Berry <karl @ freefriends.org>, TANAKA Takuji
<ttk @ t-lab.opal.ne.jp>, Hironori KITAGAWA <h_kitagawa2001 @ yahoo.co.jp>

Hi Petra,

I reviewed all concerned packages.

- Scope of the package usage
  [G]: General
     --- Of course, not specific for Japanese typesetting.
  [J]: Essential items for typesetting Japanese
     --- These packages will suffice for most of contemporary
         Japanese documents.
  [JA]: Additional features to simplify Japanese language

- Required engine
  [B]: Any
  [P]: Requires JPTeX (ptex, uptex, or sometimes luatexja)
  [X]: Requires XeTeX

I think packages for similar purposes should be in the same place.
  - [G]+[B] are better in m/l/c, as they are not related to J.
  - [J]+[P] are better in m/jptex/generic or m/jptex/latex.
  - [JA] are better in l/j (or l/j/BX if +[B]), as they provide
    Japanese translations or very specific features.

Packages now in l/j/BX:

* bxbase: [J]+[B]
* bxcalc: [G]+[B] -> move back to m/l/c
* bxcjkjatype: [J]+[B]
* bxdvidriver: [G]+[B] -> move back to m/l/c
* bxeepic: [G]+[B] -> move back to m/l/c
* bxenclose: [G]+[B] -> move back to m/l/c
* bxghost: [J]+[B]
* bxjaholiday: [JA]+[B]
* bxjalipsum: [JA]+[B]
* bxjaprnind: [J]+[B]
* bxjatoucs: [J]+[B]
* bxjscls: [J]+[B]
* bxnewfont: [G]+[B] -> move back to m/l/c
* bxorigcapt: [G]+[B] -> move back to m/l/c
* bxwareki: [JA]+[B]

Packages now in m/l/c:

* bxpapersize: [G]+[B]
* bxpdfver: [G]+[B]
* bxtexlogo: [G]+[B]

Packages now in l/j:

* endnotesj: [JA]+[P]
* gckanbun: [JA]+[P]
* japanese-otf: [J]+[P] -> move to m/jptex/latex
* jlreq: [J]+[P] -> move to m/jptex/latex
* jlreq-deluxe: [J]+[P] -> move to m/jptex/latex
* platex: [J]+[P] -> move to m/jptex/latex
* platex-tools: [J]+[P] -> move to m/jptex/latex
* plautopatch: [J]+[P] -> move to m/jptex/latex
* ptex-base: [J]+[P] -> move to m/jptex/generic (!!)
* ptex2pdf: [J]+[P] -> move to m/jptex/generic (!!)
* pxbase: [J]+[P] -> move to m/jptex/latex
* pxchfon: [J]+[P] -> move to m/jptex/latex
* pxjahyper: [J]+[P] -> move to m/jptex/latex
* pxjodel: [J]+[P] -> move to m/jptex/latex
* pxrubrica: [J]+[P] -> move to m/jptex/latex
* pxufont: [J]+[P] -> move to m/jptex/latex
* uplatex: [J]+[P] -> move to m/jptex/latex
* uptex-base: [J]+[P] -> move to m/jptex/generic (!!)
* zxjafbfont: [J]+[X]
* zxjafont: [J]+[X]
* zxjatype: [J]+[X]

Packages now in m/jptex/generic:

* fixjfm: [J]+[P]

Packages now in m/jptex/latex:

* gentombow: [G]+[B] -> move to m/l/c
* jsclasses: [J]+[P]
* pxcjkcat: [J]+[P]
* pxtatescale: [J]+[P]


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