[issue:227] Re: Adding dviout-util to TeX Live

Karl Berry karl @ freefriends.org
2018年 9月 30日 (日) 07:45:17 JST

    I'd like to propose adding "dviout-util" to TeX Live.

Thanks for suggesting it. Sounds fine to me.

In principle it would be better to fix dviselect or dvidvi to do the
right thing, not to mention combine those programs, but since we've long
ago given up on normal software engineering practices in the TeX world,
what the heck. :)


The stuff about the "svn repository" in tug.org (in COPYING, where it
doesn't belong anyway) is presumably not correct for dviout-util. (You
have the correct info in the README, which is where it belongs.)

Also, is the dviout svn repository on tug.org still the active one, or
has it moved? Just wondering. I see the last commit there was a year
ago. Also, the dviout.exe binary in TL dates from 2016, so it seems
stale ... ?


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