[issue:350] Re: CTAN Upload: platex

Petra Ruebe-Pugliese petra @ ctan.org
2020年 3月 1日 (日) 21:23:23 JST

Hello Hironobu,

many thanks for your quick reply:

On Sun 01 Mar 2020 at 18:26:36 +0900  Hironobu Yamashita <h.y.acetaminophen @ gmail.com> wrote:
> I'll remove that sentence in the next release.
> > The CTAN team would be very grateful
> > if the Japanese TeX Development Community could
> > have a look at that page and propose adequate alterations.
> There is no longer a package named ptex-texmf,
> so it can be simply deleted.
> Or, we can add pointers like below:
> ptex-texmf --- Macro and other extensions for use with pTeX
>     Description:
>       This bundle has been split into four different packages:
>       ptex-base, ptex-fonts, pbibtex-base and platex.
>     Licenses: BSD 3-Clause
>     Copyright: 2016--2020 Japanese TeX Development Community
>     Maintainer: Japanese TeX Development Community
>     Topics: Japanese
>     See also: ptex

We do not like to drop Catalogue pages because this might
break existing links.  I therefore chose to re-formulate
using your text above.  Many thanks for your help!

    All the best,

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