[issue:349] Re: CTAN Upload: platex

Hironobu Yamashita h.y.acetaminophen @ gmail.com
2020年 3月 1日 (日) 18:26:36 JST

Hi Petra,

> I saw in README.md:

Thanks for pointing that; I didn't notice that.
I'll remove that sentence in the next release.

> The CTAN team would be very grateful
> if the Japanese TeX Development Community could
> have a look at that page and propose adequate alterations.

There is no longer a package named ptex-texmf,
so it can be simply deleted.
Or, we can add pointers like below:

ptex-texmf --- Macro and other extensions for use with pTeX

      This bundle has been split into four different packages:
      ptex-base, ptex-fonts, pbibtex-base and platex.
    Licenses: BSD 3-Clause
    Copyright: 2016--2020 Japanese TeX Development Community
    Maintainer: Japanese TeX Development Community
    Topics: Japanese
    See also: ptex


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